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20mph Speed Limit Scheme

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we are one of the 100 schools across the North that have been included in the Department for Infrastructure Road Safety Strategy 2020.


This will see the introduction of new roundel road signs erected with flashing amber lights, set to come on at the times the reduced speed limit applies. 


The part-time 20mph speed limits around St Mary's will increase driver awareness and achieve reductions in vehicle speeds outside and near the school thus ensuring that parents, children and staff will be safer as they go to and from school on a daily basis. 


Ensuring some form of traffic calming measures are introduced outside the school has been one of the main targets for the whole school community over the last number of years, with a number of people working relentlessly in the background to ensure the safety of the children in St Mary's is taken care of. We are delighted with this most recent announcement and will provide further details in due course.


Many thanks for your continued support

R Fitzpatrick